Face Painting Ideas for the perfect Kids Party

You can bring a kids party to life by having artists painting the faces of all the participating children. Kids love face painting in parties, and it has almost become a trend and the more creative you are, the more entertaining and engaging can the events be.

If you have a birthday party or any other event coming up, make sure to mention face painting in the invitation. A face painting artist can turn all the kids into superheroes, funny animals, aliens, pirates, mystical creatures or anything they desire.

One fascinating and unique idea will be to turn the kids into fire breathing dragons. As a dragon kids can go around freaking out others. Some of them could have a tiger or lion face design. There are hundreds of cat and tiger designs that can be painted.

Another idea will be to paint double face for every kid. You may even pair out kids with half matching face. Fairies and butterflies are perfect girly designs. But there should be no gender differences when it comes to face painting.

It will be a good idea to discuss the ideas with the face painting service in Calgary. Experienced artists will already have many ideas to share with you. They will already know what works and what doesn’t. You may even share your inputs and create the perfect theme for the party or mix and match other creative ideas such as also including balloon twisting into the party.

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